Presenting the IC-705

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Here is our first video of the new groundbreaking Icom IC-705 Similar in design to the IC-7100/7300 and 9700 this small radio punches above its weight. Offering features no other radio has and over the coming week we will concentrate videos on different aspects of this new benchmark in communications

Vero N7500 revolutionary new radio

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The VR-N7500 uses a smartphone as a control panel. The body is installed in the trunk, the mobile phone is connected to the body through Bluetooth, and the automatic horizontal screen state is fully intelligently connected. Car hands-free intercom can be utilised through the vehicle Bluetooth and PTT is by the supplied Bluetooth PTT

Moonraker & MFJ

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Moonraker is pleased to announce that it has secured an agreement with MFJ Enterprises to distribute its products in the UK & Europe. As many of you know, MFJ, which is already an established brand, is a manufacturer of a broad range of products for the Amateur Radio market specialising in station accessories, antennas and …

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